Am now moving to Posterous Spaces

This post is to be autoposted to my Blogger blog.

Am now officially moving to Posterous Spaces, assuming it can live long enough. Its FAQ about Twitter’s takeover is suspicious, and its official blog hasn’t been updated in months. Its Twitter account is still tweeting, so it’s probably not going to be so quickly abandoned.

I’m going to enable autopost to my Blogger blog, though. If you just happen to like Blogger more for some reason, or if Posterous is being laggy, my posts are still going to be available there… here… In my Blogger blog, basically.


Also, if you’re seeing this from, and you see that Now Playing thing on the sidebar…. Well, I haven’t updated that in ages, and probably will not be. Just be aware of that, although I am definitely still up to talking about it.


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