Learning to play that guitar


Haven’t you talked about this already?

I have, in my previous blog.  It’s one of the earlier posts. I’m not going to link it here, but if you have enough time and patience in your hand to hear about someone rambling about how much of a failure she is, then looking for it probably won’t be much problem.

Basically that old blog post speaks about how much I failed on trying to learn music, and how I think that being taught how to do it with a teacher face-on is the problem there. So I tried learning music on my own. It presents another problem: How I just never get around to doing it.

That blog also speaks about how I was going to try my hand on the keyboard (instrument, not that thing with letters on them) again. In truth, I never did it. I just, as the old saying goes, “never have the time to do it.”

Well, my music teacher in school, who taught us basic principles but not how to play specific instruments or music piece, asked us to play a piece of music, a piece of any music, on any instrument, including your throat, for next week. And then it hit me: I don’t really know how to play any single instrument. Well, not anymore. 

Whatever happened to that recorder flute?

‘s still in my room, gathering dust. I just don’t feel like playing that soft little simple instrument. ‘sides, I can’t play anything on it but for simple songs, and My Heart Will Go On.

Anyway, my mother suggested that I pick up that old acoustic guitar again, suggested with such fortitude that it’s sounding less of a sugesstion and more of an high-level Suggestion spell. Well, I thought, why the heck not?

Am currently looking through various guitar-playing tutorials across the internet. Wish me lucK?


Image by サドル


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