So Why Are You Doing This Again?

This is ITALIC this is BOLD this is UNDERSCORE

Making another blog? I thought you already have two?

Trying out new things. Blogger despise me and the feeling is mutual. Free WordPress is simply limiting.On the other hand, this Posterous thing seems promising, and interesting. Besides, the blog hs cool designs.

Now if only they enable blog import again. It’ll be nice.

You do realize that your previous blog aren’t even used much, don’t you? What the hell are you going to write here?

I do realize that I haven’t been blogging for a while, and to be honest, I agree with you on not seeing any merits from making new one. What the hell am I going to write about that I can’t write on my previous blog?

So, as I said, this is just going to be an experiment, to see if Posterous is any better, and if it can stop me from writing too much details. On my previous blogs, I just have to make wall of texts every time I make a post. It’ll help if I don’t waste too much time thinking over the details, but I do. Hopefully, a new environment will change that habit.

And hopefully, too, I can start to blog more properly.


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