Ready to go

Alright, I think I’m just about ready to get this blog rolling, which really requires doing nothig but posting this post. I already have a silly little About Me page, and I already find a design that suits me a lot.

For the record, that picture there on the left isn’t made by me, nor is it a picture of me. However, I think it connect to who/how I am very well. It might be changed every now and then, and all of the pictures that will take its place will also not be made by me nor is a picture of me, but with similar vibe with the one I’m trying to make.

In any case, it’s getting late, and I have to wake up early tomorrow. Can’t believe I’ve wasted this much time working on a blog.

Well, at least it’s getting me rolling, and its’ certainly better than selling the day to playing Civilization.




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